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Eonzen Technology Company Limited is a nanotechnology Start-up Company formed at 2016 that specializes fabrication of biosensors and provides the smart biosensing solution.

Eonzen strives to provide innovative and high quality technological solutions in medical sensors. Due to its research ability, Eonzen has the unique technique to develop various sensing technologies.



Salivary Glucose Sensor

A non-invasive salivary glucose sensor utilizes the principle of Organic Electrochemical Transistor (OECT).

The reaction between saliva and transistor can be monitored and refer to the glucose concentration.

Data acquisition dock is used to receive signal from sensors and send to Smartphone Application allowing wireless and real time measurement. The doc can be used with various sensor strips.

The smartphone Application in form of iOS or Android is used to receive data and displace the measurement of the user interface of the Smartphone. The measurement will be displayed in numerical value as well as graphics. The relevant data will store in either the internal storage of the Smartphone, personal computer or cloud server.

Flexible Biosensor Array

one of the Eonzen’s pioneering research products. The company is developing flexible biosensor array which measures different physical and physiological signals.

At the moment, the company is developing flexible temperature sensor to measure the body temperature distribution.

Besides, Eonzen is also developing flexible light sensor array for the detection of body-exposed light.

The upper figure shows the schematic of the flexible biosensor array. The lower figures shows the temperature distribution of object detected by the sensor array. and the signal detected by infrared camera on the same object which serves a direct comparison.

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